Publication and subscription server configuration options v7

The publication server and the subscription server support various configuration options for purposes such as the following:

  • Optimize synchronization performance based on the types of transactions affecting the publication. (See Optimizing synchronization replication for details on these options.)
  • Utilize alternate loading methods in snapshot replications. (See Optimizing snapshot replication for details on these options.)
  • Special configuration options for multi-master replication. (See Optimizing performance for details on these options.)
  • Adjust memory usage and transaction size for replications.
  • Replicate certain Oracle partitioned table types.
  • Replicate special characters found in publication data.
  • Set special configuration options for the log-based method of synchronization replication. (See Quoted identifiers and default case translation for details on these options.)

Most options apply only to the publication server, although a few are used by the subscription server.

Set and pass the configuration options for the publication server in a text file called the publication server configuration file: xdb_pubserver.conf.

Set and pass the configuration options for the subscription server in a text file called the subscription server configuration file: xdb_subserver.conf.

See Installation details for the locations of these files.

Modified publication server configuration options take effect after you restart the publication server. Similarly, modified subscription server configuration options take effect after you restart the subscription server. The configuration options that were explicitly put into effect by overriding their defaults in the configuration files are logged in the publication server log file and the subscription server log file. Installation details contains the locations of these log files.

To set the configuration options:

  1. The publication and subscription server configuration files are created during Replication Server installation and already contain all of the configuration options as comments with their default settings.

    To change the setting of a configuration option, edit the publication server or subscription server configuration file by removing the comment symbol (#) from the option and substituting the desired value in place of the currently coded value.

    The following example shows a portion of the publication server configuration file in which replacement of null characters in the publication data is activated and the replacement character is set to the question mark character.

    replaceNullChar = true
    #Null Replacement Character
    nullReplacementChar = ?
  2. Restart the publication or subscription server.

    Use the following command for CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 and Rocky Linux 8 or AlmaLinux 8 or RHEL 8:

    systemctl restart edb-xdbpubserver

    Use the following command for previous Linux versions:

    service edb-xdbpubserver restart

controlling_logging_level replacing_null_characters schema_migration_options replicate_oracle_partitioned_tables specify_custom_url_for_oracle_jdbc snapshot_replication_options assign_ip_adress_for_rmi using_pgagent_job_scheduling forcing_shadow_table_cleanup setting_event_history_cleanup ddl_change_replication_table_locking persisting_zero_txn_replication_hist skipping_grants_of_table_level_user_privileges_on_mmr applying_grants_of_table_level_user_privileges_on_smr log_based_sync_options setting_apache_dbcp_connection_validation_query