Applying grants of table-level user privileges on SMR target tables v7


This option applies only to the subscription server. This option also applies only when both the publication database and the subscription database are Postgres databases.

When creating a subscription in a single-master replication system, the subscription server creates the subscription tables in the subscription database.

When skipTablePrivileges is set to true, which is the default value, no database user privileges are granted on these subscription tables to any database user. By default, the subscription database user specified when the subscription database definition is created (see Adding a subscription database) is the owner of the subscription tables.

This is the typical, expected scenario since the data in subscription tables should be updated only by Replication Server.

Database users that require access to the subscription tables must be explicitly granted such privileges.

If, however, you do want the subscription server to grant database user privileges to the subscription tables for the same database users that already have access privileges to the publication tables, set skipTablePrivileges to false in the subscription server configuration file. (The setting of skipTablePrivileges in the publication server configuration file is ignored for this process in a single-master replication system.)

In this case, the same access privileges are granted on the subscription tables to database users with privileges on the publication tables whwn the subscription is defined using the Replication Server console or CLI.

skipTablePrivileges={true | false}

The default value is true.