Using pgAgent job scheduling v7


This option applies only to the publication server.


Using pgAgent job scheduling is useful only if Postgres is the publication database.


You must have pgAgent installed and running on the host where the publication database resides.

When the pgdbschedule option is set to true, Replication Server uses the pgAgent job scheduler instead of the default Quartz job scheduler.

When activated, pgAgent takes over the following scheduling tasks from Quartz:

  • Scheduling shadow table history cleanup in the publication database. See Scheduling shadow table history cleanup.
  • Scheduling transaction set creation. A transaction set creation job is scheduled to run every hour to create transaction sets from the updates on the source tables. Transaction sets are applied to the target tables.

Unlike the Quartz scheduler, pgAgent can run and perform its tasks even if the publication server isn't running.

pgdbschedule={true | false}

The default value is false.