Choosing your deployment method v5

You can deploy and install EDB Postgres Distributed products using the following methods:

  • Trusted Postgres Architect is an orchestration tool that uses Ansible to build Postgres clusters using a set of reference architectures that document how to set up and operate Postgres in various scenarios. Trusted Postgres Architect (TPA) represents the best practices followed by EDB, and its recommendations are as applicable to quick testbed setups as to production environments. See Deploying with TPA for more information.

  • BigAnimal is a fully managed database-as-a-service with built-in Oracle compatibility, running in your cloud account and operated by the Postgres experts. BigAnimal makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale your databases. The addition of extreme high availability support through EDB PostGres Distributed (PGD) allows single-region Always On Gold clusters: two PGD groups in different availability zones in a single cloud region, with a witness node in a third availability zone. See the Extreme high availability topic in the BigAnimal documentation for more information.

Coming soon:

  • EDB Postgres Distributed for Kubernetes will be a Kubernetes operator is designed, developed, and supported by EDB that covers the full lifecycle of a highly available Postgres database clusters with a multi-master architecture, using PGD replication. It is based on the open source CloudNativePG operator, and provides additional value such as compatibility with Oracle using EDB Postgres Advanced Server and additional supported platforms such as IBM Power and OpenShift.