Durability terminology v5

Durability terminology

This page covers terms and definitions directly related to PGD's durability options. For other terms, see the main Terminology section.


PGD nodes take different roles during the replication of a transaction. These are implicitly assigned per transaction and are unrelated even for concurrent transactions.

  • The origin is the node that receives the transaction from the client or application. It's the node processing the transaction first, initiating replication to other PGD nodes and responding back to the client with a confirmation or an error.

  • The origin node group is a PGD group which includes the origin.

  • A partner node is a PGD node expected to confirm transactions according to Group Commit requirements.

  • A commit group is the group of all PGD nodes involved in the commit, that is, the origin and all of its partner nodes, which can be just a few or all peer nodes.