EDB Postgres Distributed 5.2.0 release notes v5

Released: 04 Aug 2023

EDB Postgres Distributed version 5.2.0 is a minor version of EDB Postgres Distributed.

Highlights of EDB Postgres Distributed 5.2.0

  • Parallel Apply is now available for PGD’s Commit at Most Once (CAMO) synchronous commit scope and improving replication performance.
  • Parallel Apply for native Postgres asynchronous and synchronous replication has been improved for workloads where the same key is being modified concurrently by multiple transactions to maintain commit sequence and avoid deadlocks.
  • PGD Proxy has added HTTP(S) APIs to allow the health of the proxy to be monitored directly for readiness and liveness. See Proxy health check.
Recommended upgrade

We recommend that users of PGD 5.1 upgrade to PGD 5.2.

PostgreSQL version compatibility

This version is required for EDB Postgres Advanced Server versions 12.15, 13.11, 14.8, and later.

BDR5.2.0FeatureAdded Parallel Apply for synchronous commit scopes with CAMO.
BDR5.2.0FeatureAllow multiple SYNCHRONOUS_COMMIT clauses in a commit scope rule.
BDR5.2.0EnhancementBDR extension now allows transaction streaming with SYNCHRONOUS_COMMIT and LAG CONTROL commit scopes.
BDR5.2.0EnhancementImproved handling of concurrent workloads with Parallel Apply.
BDR5.2.0EnhancementModified bdr.stat_subscription for new columns.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue by allowing a logical join of node if there are foreign key constraints violations. (RT91745)
BDR5.2.0Bug fixChanged group_raft_details view to avoid deadlock possibility.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue by adding ability to log the extension upgrade.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixAdded check for conflicting node names.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed a crash during Raft manual snapshot restore.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue whereby BDR extension was attempting to establish consensus connections to parting or parted nodes.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed tcp_user_timeout GUC to use the correct unit.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed the consensus snapshot compatibility with PGD 3.7. (RT93022)
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue whereby a crash occurred when BDR extension is used with pgaudit.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue by skipping parting synchronization to witness node.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue by now generating correct keepalive parameters in connection strings.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixEnabled various scenarios of switching nodes between groups and their subgroups, for example, transition node from a group to any of the nested subgroups.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixReduced the amount of WAL produced by consensus on idle server.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed deadlock on autopartition catalogs when a concurrent DROP EXTENSION is executing.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed sporadic failure when dropping extension after node restart
BDR5.2.0Bug fixAdded a workaround for crash due to pgaudit bug.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed deadlock between consensus and global monitoring queries.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed query cancellation propagation across bdr.run_on_all_nodes.
BDR5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue by disallowing invoking bdr.run_on_nodes(), bdr.run_on_group() and bdr.run_on_all_nodes() on parted nodes.
CLI5.2.0EnhancementAdded new GUCs verification in verify-settings command.
CLI5.2.0Bug fixFixed an issue by truncating the long value of GUC in tabular output of verify-settings.
CLI5.2.0Bug fixFixed connect_timeout issue when sslmode=allow or sslmode=prefer by upgrading database driver library version.
Proxy5.2.0FeatureAdded HTTP(S) APIs for Proxy health check.
Proxy5.2.0EnhancementImproved route change events handling mechanism.
Proxy5.2.0EnhancementAdded retry mechanism on consensus query error.
Proxy5.2.0Bug fixFixed connect_timeout issue when sslmode=allow or sslmode=prefer by upgrading database driver library version.