EDB Postgres Distributed 5.5.0 release notes v5

Released: 16 May 2024

EDB Postgres Distributed version 5.5.0 is a minor version of EDB Postgres Distributed.

Recommended upgrade

We recommend that all users of PGD 5 upgrade to PGD 5.5. See PGD/TPA upgrades for details.

Highlights of EDB Postgres Distributed 5.5.0

Highlights of this 5.5.0 release include:

  • Read scalability enhancements in PGD Proxy which allow read-only queries to be routed to nodes that are members of a read-only pool. This feature can improve the overall performance of the PGD cluster.


EDB server version compatibility

This version requires the recently released Postgres versions 14.10, 15.4, or 16.1 (or later) of EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended Server. No such restrictions exist for Community Postgres Server.

Package managers on Debian, RHEL, and SLES pull in the required EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended upgrades with an upgrade of EDB Postgres Distributed.


BDR5.5.0Added support for read-only proxy routing.
BDR5.5.0Improved stability of routing leader selection by using Raft heartbeat for connectivity check.
CLI5.5.0Added PGD CLI binaries for macOS.
Proxy5.5.0Added support for read-only proxy routing.


BDR5.5.0Improved bulk INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE performance by sending multiple messages together in a group rather than individually.
BDR5.5.0Changes received by the writer now aren't saved to a temporary file.
BDR5.5.0BDR now logs completion of an extension upgrade.
BDR5.5.0Added restrictions for group commit options.
BDR5.5.0Each autopartition task is now executed in its own transaction.RT101407/35476
BDR5.5.0DETACH CONCURRENTLY is now used to drop partitions.RT101407/35476
BDR5.5.0Node group creation on a node bad state is now disallowed.
BDR5.5.0Granted additional object permissions to role bdr_read_all_stats.
BDR5.5.0Improved stability of manager worker and Raft consensus by not throwing error on non-fatal dynamic shared memory read failures.
BDR5.5.0Improved stability of Raft consensus and workers by handling dynamic shared memory errors in the right place.
BDR5.5.0The number of changes processed by writer in a large transaction is now exposed in bdr.writers.
BDR5.5.0bdr_init_physical now stops the initial replication connection and starts it only when needed.RT102828/35305
BDR5.5.0bdr_superuser is now granted use of pg_file_settings and pg_show_all_file_settings().
CLI5.5.0Added new read scalability related options to JSON output of show-proxies and show-groups commands.
CLI5.5.0Added new option called proxy-mode to create-proxy command for read scalability support.
CLI5.5.0Added Raft leader in tabular output of show-groups command.

Bug fixes

BDR5.5.0Improved handling of node group configuration parameter "check_constraints".RT99956/31896
BDR5.5.0Fixed incorrect parsing of pre-commit message that caused nodes to diverge on commit decision for group commit transactions.
BDR5.5.0Fixed an issue to prevent potential segfault in bdr.monitor_group_versions()RT102290/34051
BDR5.5.0BDR now correctly elects a new leader when the current leader gets route_writes turned off.
BDR5.5.0bdr.remove_commit_scope() now handles non-existent commit scope.
BDR5.5.0An improved queue flush process now prevents unexpected writer terminations.RT98966/35447
BDR5.5.0Fixed multi-row conflict accidentally deleting the wrong tuple multiple times .
BDR5.5.0Fixed receiver to send status update when writer is blocked, avoiding slot disconnect.
BDR5.5.0Fixed minor memory leak during bdr_join_node_group_sql.
BDR5.5.0Node joining with witness and standby nodes as source nodes is now disallowed.
BDR5.5.0Now use bdr.default_sequence_kind when updating sequence kind of existing sequences upon node creation.
BDR5.5.0Fixed a bug preventing some trusted extension management commands (CREATE/ALTER) from being replicated.
BDR5.5.0Fixed a non-critical segfault which could occur in upgrades from BDR 3.7.
BDR5.5.0Fixed an issue to manage rights elevation for trusted extensions.