Connecting your Azure cloud


The BigAnimal CLI commands used in the procedures for connecting your cloud to BigAnimal registers an application with Azure AD and creates a service principal to delegate Identity and Access Management functions to Azure Active Directory (AD). For more information, see for Azure EDB cloud utilities in GitHub.


Before connecting to your cloud, ensure that you are assigned either the Global Administrator role or the Privileged Role Administrator role in Azure AD.

To connect your cloud

Perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Azure Cloud Shell in your browser.

  2. Create a BigAnimal CLI credential:

    ./biganimal create-credential --name <cred> --address --port 443
  3. Run the setup-csp command to set up your cloud provider:

    ./biganimal setup-csp 

    The command checks for cloud account readiness and displays the results.

  4. If the following readiness checks are not met, see Configure your Azure subscription to manually configure your cloud:

    • Are the necessary Azure resource providers registered for your subscription?

    • Is there a restriction on SKUs for the standard Esv3 family and standard D2_v4 VM size?

    • Is the limit on the number of vCPU and public IP addresses in your region sufficient for your clusters?

  5. If the cloud readiness checks pass, your cloud account is successfully set up. Connect your cloud account to BigAnimal with following command.

    ./biganimal connect-csp --provider  azure

    Once your cloud account is successfully connected to BigAnimal, you, and other users with the correct permissions, can create clusters.