Connecting your Google Cloud


BigAnimal is deployed in a VPC in your cloud service provider (CSP). To make changes or modify your BigAnimal clusters, use the BigAnimal portal, API, or CLI to manage and execute the activity. You can also open a Support case if you need help. Making changes in the resources in those dedicated VPCs can affect EDB's ability to deliver service.


Ensure you have at least the following combined roles:

  • roles/iam.serviceAccountCreator
  • roles/iam.serviceAccountKeyAdmin
  • roles/iam.roleAdmin
  • roles/resourcemanager.projectIamAdmin
  • roles/compute.viewer

Alternatively, you can have an equivalent single role, such as:

  • roles/owner

Connecting your cloud


If you're using Cloud Shell, add the ./ prefix to the biganimal command (./biganimal).

To connect your cloud:

  1. Open Google Cloud Shell in your browser.

  2. Create a BigAnimal CLI credential:

    biganimal credential create --name <cred> 
  3. To set up your cloud provider, run the setup-csp command:

     biganimal cloud-provider setup  

    The command checks for cloud account readiness and displays the results.

  4. If the following cloud readiness checks pass for your cloud service provider, your cloud account is successfully set up:

    • Is the Google Cloud CLI configured to access your Google Cloud account?

    • Is the limit on the number of vCPUs and network load balancers (NLBs) in your region enough for your clusters?

    If the readiness checks aren't met, see Configure your Google Cloud account to manually configure your cloud.

  5. Connect your cloud account to BigAnimal:

    biganimal cloud-provider connect --provider gcp --project <project-name>

    After your cloud account is successfully connected to BigAnimal, you and other users with the correct permissions can create clusters.