Version 11.12.21 v11

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11.12.21 includes the following bug fixes:

Upstream MergeMerged with communuity PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 11.12. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug FixPrevent some uses of COMMIT and ROLLBACK in stored procedures that were unsafe and could cause crashes. [Support Ticket: #1234722]DB-1183
Bug FixPrevent index_advisor from interfering with materialized view creation. [Support Ticket: #1189859]DB-1154
Bug FixSupport password redaction in edb_filter_log with the extended protocol, specially used with connectors. [Support Ticket: #1234131]DB-1139
Bug FixCorrect QUEUE object handling in EVENT TRIGGER.DB-1129
Bug FixCorrect REDACTION COLUMN object handling in EVENT TRIGGER.DB-1129
Bug FixFix pg_upgrade to not fail when a custom configuration file directory is used. [Support Ticket: #1200560]DB1084
Bug FixRefrain from dropping trigger on parent table through partitioning dependency. [Support Ticket: #1187215]DB-1063
Bug FixFree temporary memory to avoid PGA memory accumulation and exceeds errors. [Support Ticket: #1129386]DB-1061dblink_ora
Bug FixFix possible server crash with partition-wish join push-down code path.DB-1042edb_dblink_oci
Bug FixFix incorrect error message in edbldr. [Support Ticket: #1104048]DB-826
Bug FixAllow partition creation with ROWIDS option.DB-731