Version 11.5.12 v11

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11.5.12 includes the following bug fixes:

Upstream MergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 11.5. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug FixAdjust the CALL statement to account for CallStmt rule. [Support Ticket: #872479]RM44027ecpg
Bug FixFix to minimize the memory consumption for partition table select. [Support Ticket: #861800]RM43945dblink_oci
Bug FixConvert RAW to VARCHAR before assigning to VARCHAR variable. [Support Ticket: #865427]RM43983
Bug FixFix to_char() for formats like spell mode, "IWW", "SPTH", "DDD", "D (day of the week)" etc. to make to_char() more redwood and PG compatible. [Support Ticket: #865427]RM43873
Bug FixFix buffer overflow issue in CALL statement handling.RM44055ecpg
Bug FixPrevent parallel index build under autonomous transaction.RM44023
Bug FixFix WARNING for not owning proper lock on relation during resource cleanup.RM44030edbldr
Bug FixFix test_decoding slot test.RM44026
Bug FixAdd support for edb_filter_log.RM44025
Bug FixDon't allow password and obfuscated_password options together.RM43962dblink_oci
Bug FixFixed error "unexpected varattno 2 in expression to be mapped" in subpartition when edb_enable_pruning is ON.RM44020
Bug FixFix INSERT mode for partitioning table.RM44011edbldr
Bug FixFix concurrency problem in autonomous transactions.RM43824
Bug FixFix __remote_rowid_ attribute values correctly.RM44002