Version 11.17.28 v11

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11.17.28 includes the following bug fixes:

Upstream mergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 11.17. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug fixFor the re-entrant block, initialize all variables of type collection declared in that block to NULL to avoid incorrect results when the block is executed in a loop. [Support Ticket: #83856]DB-1870
Bug fixDisable index_advisor if it is a physical replica. [Support Ticket: #83312]DB-1819
Bug fixFix unexpected failure when the PLpgSQL procedure with OUT parameters is called twice. [Support Ticket: #83289]DB-1818
Bug fixFix unexpected behavior of autonomous transactions with explicit COMMIT command in SPL block. [Support Ticket: #82695]DB-1787
Bug fixCorrect check to forbid UPDATE of declarative partitioned tables.DB-237edbldr
Bug fixRestore the portal-level snapshot after the procedure COMMIT/ROLLBACK in CALL statement execution in PL to avoid a server crash.DB-1820