Version 11.3.10 v11

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11.3.10 includes the following bug fixes:

Upstream MergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 11.3. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug FixROMNUM with partitioning table by making sure rownum filter gets applied over Append node.RM43887
Bug FixREASSIGN/DROP OWNED BY for synonym and directory objects. [Support Ticket: #855677]RM43930
Bug FixAdd support for synonym resolution to the type. [Support Ticket: #712701]RM43047
Bug FixFix for dbms_scheduler to set the job next run correctly. [Support Ticket: #851452]RM43917
Bug FixALTER USER MAPPING to treat obfuscated_password and password as same option. [Support Ticket: #847443]RM43903
Bug FixFix an issue with addition of timestamp and negative numbers. [Support Ticket: #853879]RM43923
Bug FixUse localVarCxt to store trigger variable values.RM43956SPL
Bug FixSerialize tuple and index updates while exchanging statistics for partition during exchange partition. [Support Ticket: #864189]RM43952
Bug FixFix for server crash with edb_enable_pruning is true. [Support Ticket: #853578]RM43939
Bug FixFixed 'C' multiline macro handling.RM43920ecpg
Bug FixFix for pg_dump/restore for VIEWs having DECODE expression by displaying implicit cast while deparsing DECODE expressions. [Support Ticket: #851791]RM43915
Bug FixFix server crash with ASSERT statement.RM43940SPL
Bug FixPreserve the shared dependencies on package in case of replace.RM41964
Bug FixQuote nested sub-procedure name while deparsing it into a CREATE statement.RM41007
Bug FixQualify type name while deparsing package variable.RM41958