Version 11.6.13 v11

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11.6.13 includes the following bug fixes:

Upstream MergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 11.6. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug FixApply user default privileges with CREATE FOREIGN TABLE. [Support Ticket: #919364]RM44104
Bug FixFix data loss when executing query using oci link and small temporary tablespace at redwood side. [Support Ticket: #864275]RM43979oci_dblink
Bug FixAvoid WAL-logging bulkload information when the system is in recovery mode. [Support Ticket: #915987]RM44112
Bug FixFix libpq bulk API to get into ready for new query state after the query execution fail. [Support Ticket: #755248]RM43965
Bug FixFix failure to attach ROWNUM qual to the correct part of the query. [Support Ticket: #812764]RM43787
Bug FixRectify an assumption while dumping queue callback actions.RM44110dbms_aq
Bug FixReplaced with ' as the former special character may not be converted to some other locale like zh_CN resulting in an error.RM44122
Bug FixFix cache flush hazard with the use of already released system cache.RM41952
Bug FixChanged testcase wordings from ‘postgres’ to ‘edb-postgres’ to start the advanced server.RM44117
Bug FixFix restrict FREEZE option for partition table like COPY.RM44079edbldr
Bug FixFix 004_logrotate TAP test failure related to update of current_logfiles.RM44083pg_ctl
Bug FixTestcase to verify server is not crashing with oci subquery.RM44097
Bug FixFix DROP TRIGGER by name with the partitioned table.RM44010
Bug FixFixed restricted use of LEVEL with PRIOR in CONNECT BY.RM43998
Bug FixRecord owner dependency for redwood-style trigger functions.RM44044
Bug FixFix OOM while inserting huge data into multiple tables.RM43985edbldr
Bug FixCorrect the method used to release tuple descriptor.RM44060
Bug FixFixed re-establishment of ocidblink connections after server or user mapping changes.RM43963
Bug FixFix ALTER SERVER for connstr option.RM44058ocilink
Bug FixFix identity column with not null constraint.RM44016edbldr