Trusted Postgres Architect 23.12 release notes v23

Released: 21 Feb 2023

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.12 include the following:

FeatureIntroduce full support for EDB Postgres Distributed 5, including Commit At Most Once (CAMO) configuration support based on commit scopes.
FeatureIntroduce support for EDB Postgres Extended repository and packages.

Preliminary support for configuring multi-region AWS clusters.

Multi-region clusters require manual setup of VPCs and VPC.

EnhancementEnable proxy routing (and, therefore, subgroup RAFT) automatically for --active-locations. Removes the configure option to enable subgroup RAFT globally.
Bug fixEnsure the EDB_SUBSCRIPTION_TOKEN is not logged.
Bug fixAllow the user to suppress addition of the products/default/release repo to tpa_2q_repositories.
Bug fix

Ensure that nodes subscribe to bdr_child_group, if available.

In clusters with multiple subgroups, TPA did not expect instances to be subscribed to the replication sets for both the top group and the subgroup, so it would incorrectly remove the latter from the node's subscribed replication sets.

Bug fix

Fail reliably with a useful error if Postgres doesn't start.

Due to an Ansible bug, the deployment wouldn't fail if Postgres did not start on some instances, but did start on others (for example, due to a difference in the configuration). Continuing on with the deployment resulted in errors when trying to access cluster_facts for the failed hosts later.

Bug fix

Don't call bdr.alter_node_replication_sets() on witnesses for BDR 4.3 and later.

This adjusts to a new restriction in BDR versions where witness nodes are not handled with a custom replication set configuration.

Bug fixReplace hardcoded "barman" references to enable use of the barman_{user,group} settings to customize the barman user and home directory.
Bug fixAdd shared_preload_libraries entries, where appropriate, for extensions mentioned under postgres_databases[*].extensions.
Bug fixEnsure that pgaudit does not appear before bdr in shared_preload_libraries (to avoid a known crash).
Bug fixFix syntax error (DSN quoting) in pgd-cli config file.
Bug fix

Sort endpoints in pgd-proxy config to avoid file rewrites.

This will likely require a pgd-proxy restart on the next deploy (but it will avoid unnecessary future rewrites/restarts on subsequent deploys).

Bug fixFix an error while installing rsync from a local-repo on RH systems.
Bug fixFix an error with Apache WSGI module configuration for PEM 9 on Debian systems.
Bug fixDon't remove the bdr extension if it has been created on purpose, even if it is unused.