Trusted Postgres Architect 23.30 release notes v23

Released: 19 Mar 2024

End-of-support for 2ndQuadrant Ansible

Please note that, per the previously issued deprecation notice, this release completely removes support for 2ndQuadrant Ansible, which is no longer maintained. In addition, after Ansible 8 became the default in version 23.29, this version requires Ansible 8 or newer. To ensure you have a compatible Ansible version, please run tpaexec setup after updating TPA as detailed in the documentation.

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.30 include the following:

New FeatureTPA now provides a custom 'Execution Environment' image to be used in Ansible Automation Platform 2.4+ (Controller version 4+). this image contains everything needed to run deployments via AAP. This image is built using ansible-builder and a python-alpine lightweight base image.
EnhancementTPA now automatically adds package names and shared preload library entries for a subset of extensions. For these specific extensions, only the extension name is needed in the extra_postgres_extensions list or the the extensions list of a database entry in postgres_databases.
EnhancementThe EDB Advanced Storage Pack package and shared preload library entry will automatically be added for bluefin when a user specifies it as an extension and the postgres_version is 15 or greater.
EnhancementAdded a new 'provision_only' option for instances. If an instance has provision_only: true in config.yml, it will be provisioned as normal but not added to the inventory which is seen by tpaexec deploy.
ChangePrevious versions of TPA used to synchronize the source node's database structure to witness nodes. This was not necessary and the synchronized schema was never be used or updated. To prevent this happening, TPA now explicitly sets "synchronize_structure" to "none" when calling bdr.join_node_group() for witness nodes.
ChangeSelective execution of tasks is now supported using custom selectors rather than Ansible tags. To run only tasks matching a certain selector: tpaexec deploy . --included_tasks=barman. To skip tasks matching a certain selector: tpaexec deploy . --excluded_tasks=ssh Task selectors can also be used by specifying the excluded_tasks or included_tasks variables in config.yml .
ChangeAnsible 2.9 is no longer supported, neither the community distribution nor the 2ndQuadrant fork. Users who have been using the --skip-tags option to tpaexec deploy should move to the new --excluded_tasks option.