Trusted Postgres Architect 23.16 release notes v23

Released: 21 Mar 2023

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.16 include the following:

ChangeThe default PGD-Always-ON cluster is now one location with an associated subgroup containing two data nodes and one witness node.
ChangeTPA now deploys pgd-proxy on all data nodes by default.
EnhancementAdded a new option, --add-proxy-nodes-per-location N, which creates separate proxy instances
EnhancementTPA now adds a witness node automatically if --data_nodes_per_location is even and prints a warning if you specify a cluster with only two locations
ChangeThe parameter --add-witness-only-location has been renamed to --witness-only-location because we're NOT adding a location, but designating an already-named (in --location-names) location as witness-only.
ChangeYou must now specify Postgres flavour and version explicitly at tpaexec configure time
EnhancementAdded new CLI abbreviations for Postgres flavour and version, for example --postgresql 14 or --edbpge 15
EnhancementImproved handling and documentation of the various supported EDB software repositories
ChangeTPA no longer includes the PGDG repository by default for PGD-Always-ON clusters
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby EDB Failover Manager was not selected as the failover manager for EPAS by default
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby pglogical was unnecessarily installed in the M1 architecture