Trusted Postgres Architect 23.28 release notes v23

Released: 23 Jan 2024

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.28 include the following:

EnhancementAdded a new option postgres_log_file. This option sets the Postgres log file, whether logging through stderr or syslog. The default is '/var/log/postgres/postgres.log', the previously hard-coded value.
EnhancementAdded a new hook barman-pre-config. This hook is invoked after Barman is installed and its user is set up but before it is configured. It can be used for installing certificate files or other tasks which need the barman user to exist but which must be done before Barman is started.
EnhancementThe key elastic_ip on an AWS instance in config.yml can be set to an elastic IP address that has already been allocated in order to assign it to this instance.
ChangeIn Patroni clusters, TPA now sets up replicas before handing over control of the cluster to Patroni, rather than setting up the primary only and letting Patroni set up the replicas.
ChangeFor new clusters, TPA will create the user specified by setting harp_manager_user (by default harpmanager), belonging to the bdr_superuser role, and set HARP Manager to operate as this user instead of postgres superuser. This does not affect the existing clusters where TPA will keep using postgres as the HARP Manager user, unless the user overrides this behavior by explicitly setting harp_manager_user to a different value in config.yml.
Bug FixFixed an issue whereby TPA would erroneously attempt to install repmgr on an EFM cluster.
Bug FixFixed an issue whereby the TPA would return a non-zero exit code when the warning about 2q repositories was displayed despite deploy having succeeded.
Bug FixTPA will now interpret wildcards correctly on Debian-family systems when downloading packages for offline use.
Bug FixFixed an issue whereby TPA would attempt to use incorrect package names for repmgr when installing from PGDG repositories.
Bug FixFixed barman connection failure when using selinux and a custom barman home directory.
Bug FixTPA will now use the correct cluster name in show-password and store-password commands when it is different from the directory name
Bug FixTPA will now error out cleanly if unavailable 2ndQuadrant repository keys are required.
Bug FixTPA will now sanitize hostnames correctly when the --cluster-prefixed-hostnames option is used.
Bug FixTPA will now ensure packages are correctly copied to the remote host when upgrading a cluster using a local repo.