Trusted Postgres Architect 23.27 release notes v23

Released: 19 Dec 2023

Migration to EDB repositories

This release of TPA lays the groundwork for the decommissioning of the legacy 2ndQuadrant repositories. Existing configurations that use the legacy repositories will continue to function until they are decommissioned, but a warning will be displayed. To update an existing configuration to use EDB Repos 2.0, you may use tpaexec reconfigure --replace-2q-repositories.

Python interpreter

TPA now runs using a Python interpreter provided by the edb-python-39 package, which will be automatically installed as a dependency of the tpaexec package. This allows us to keep TPA updated with security patches on older systems where the Python version is no longer widely supported. This is a completely standard build of Python 3.9. If you prefer, you may run TPA using another interpreter. We recommend 3.9, versions older than 3.9 or newer than 3.11 are not supported.

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.27 include the following:

EnhancementTPA now supports Oracle Linux 7, 8 and 9 on Docker.
ChangeTPA now requires Python 3.9-3.11 and depends on the package edb-python-39 to provide a suitable interpreter.
ChangeTPA will no longer configure any 2ndQuadrant repositories by default, instead it will select suitable repositories from EDB Repos 2.0.
ChangeTPA now provides a new --replace-2q-repositories argument to tpaexec reconfigure that will remove 2q repositories from an existing config.yml and add suitable EDB repositories for the cluster's postgres flavour and BDR version.
ChangeTPA now sets file system permissions explicitly on more objects.
ChangeA new variable disable_repository_checks can be set to true in config.yml to bypass the usual check for EDB repositories when deploying the PGD-Always-ON architecture.
ChangeTPA will now generate a primary_slot_name also on primary node to be used in case of switchover, to ensure the switched primary will have a physical slot on the new primary.
ChangeTPA will now ensure that commit_scope for CAMO enabled partners is generated using existing config options from older BDR versions when running tpaexec reconfigure command to prepare for major PGD upgrade. It also choses better defaults.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby postgres variables were rejected by Patroni due to validation rules.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby a user could not set a single barman_client_dsn_attributes with sslmode=verify-full.
Bug FixTPA will now assign a lower default maintenance_work_mem to avoid out-of-memory errors.