Trusted Postgres Architect 23.33 release notes v23

Released: 24 Jun 2024

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.33 include the following:

EnhancementTPA now supports Debian 12 Bookworm on the ARM64 CPU architecture.
EnhancementPGD version 5.5 allows for proxy nodes to be configured as read endpoints, which direct read-only queries to a shadow node. TPA supports this configuration option by setting a read_listen_port parameter under default_pgd_proxy_options and pgd_proxy_options in config.yml. This parameter is included by default when the PGD version is 5.5 or greater. Users can also specify the port numbers by passing --proxy-listen-port and proxy-read-listen-port arguments to the tpaexec configure command.
EnhancementTPA now supports deployment and configuration of the Beacon Agent on any Postgres node by assigning the role 'beacon-agent' or using the --enable-beacon-agent option with configure.
EnhancementAdded support for postgres_wal_dir in Patroni deployments. When a custom postgres_wal_dir is specified in TPA configuration, TPA will make sure to relay that option to the corresponding settings in the Patroni configuration file. That way, if Patroni ever needs to rebuild a standby on its own, out of TPA, the standby will be properly set up with a custom WAL directory.
EnhancementWhen adding PgBouncer nodes in a Patroni cluster, TPA now configures Patroni with a on_role_change callback. That callback takes care of updating the primary connection info in the PgBouncer nodes in response to failover and switchover events.
EnhancementEDB now produces its own edb-patroni package instead of rebuilding the patroni packages from PGDG. TPA now allows users to select between patroni and edb-patroni packages. The selection is made through the new TPA setting patroni_package_flavour.
ChangeTo work around broken Barman 3.10 packages in the PGDG repos, TPA now installs version 3.9 of Barman if using PGDG repos on an RHEL-family system. This behavior can be overridden by explicitly setting barman_package_version in config.yml .
ChangeThe haproxy_bind_address is now set to when Patroni is the failover manager. This resolves an issue with the general default of preventing communication between Postgres nodes and HA Proxy nodes. Users should change this value to something more restrictive and appropriate for their cluster networking.
ChangeTask selectors are now consistently applied in the final stage of deployment. Consistency of task selectors in the tests is improved and the examples of task selectors in the docs are now correct. All deploy-time hooks now have corresponding task selectors.
ChangeIf barman_package_version is set, TPA will now look at it when looking for the barman-cli package as well as for Barman itself. This resolves an inconsistency which caused clusters using the downloader to fail when barman_package_version was used.
Bug FixFixed an issue whereby required permissions on functions in the BDR database were not being granted to the HARP DCS user on a witness node.
Bug FixFixed an issue whereby docker provisioning failed with "read-only file system". On host systems running cgroup1 with docker containers running recent OS images, tpaexec provision could fail to provision containers with an error message like "mkdir /sys/fs/cgroup/tpa.scope: read-only file system". TPA will now detect this case and avoid it.
Bug FixTPA now provides a clear error message if the user runs tpaexec cmd or tpaexec ping before provision.