Trusted Postgres Architect 23.17 release notes v23

Released: 10 May 2023

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.17 include the following:

EnhancementAdded a new --pgd-proxy-routing parameter to the configure command. This can be set to global or local. Local routing will make every PGD-Proxy route to a write leader within its own location. Global routing will make every proxy route to a single write leader, elected amongst all available data nodes across all locations.
ChangeRemoved the --active-locations parameter from the configure command.
EnhancementTPA now supports Ubuntu 22.04
ChangeUpdated the AWS AMIs used for RHEL 7 and 8.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby TPA would incorrectly remove groups from existing Postgres users.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby TPA would print an unhelpful error message when a git commit failed.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby group names were incorrectly sanitized and uppercase letters were converted to underscores rather than lowercase ones.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby Postgres was not restarted when required after CAMO configuration.
Bug fixFixed an issue with etcd changes, ensuring that they are now idempotent and avoiding unnecessary restarts of etcd on subsequent deployments.