Trusted Postgres Architect 23.19 release notes v23

Released: 12 Jul 2023

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Trusted Postgres Architect 23.19 include the following:

New featureTPA now allows the creation of physical replicas of subscriber-only PGD nodes.
New featureTPA now supports the configuration of HTTP(S) HARP and PGD Proxy health probes.
New featureTPA now allows you to select Patroni as a failover manager with the M1 architecture. This support is experimental and not yet recommended for use in production.
EnhancementTPA now allows you to set specific versions for edb-pgd-proxy and edb-bdr-utilities rather than always using the latest version.
ChangeOn Debian-like systems, the package selection code now uses -dbg rather than -dbgsym for certain packages where applicable.
ChangeWhen configuring replication slots, TPA will now ensure that only valid characters are used in the primary_slot_name. Previously TPA would use the inventory_hostname as a default, which could contain hyphens; these are now replaced with underscores.
ChangeThe default Failover Manager version is now 4.7.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby PGD 3.7 to 4 upgrades would fail in TPA 23.18.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby TPA would include underscores in TLS certificate Common Names when deploying PEM. This is invalid and would result in failure on some platforms.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby an incorrect etcd service name would be used on Debian-like platforms, preventing TPA from starting etcd.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby TPA could not install etcd packages on RHEL 8.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby the message Failed to commit files to git: b'' would be displayed during configure.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby TPA would erroneously generate and overwrite Postgres user passwords when generate_password: false.
Bug fixFixed an issue whereby volume map creation on AWS failed to take account of region resulting in failures when using regions other than eu-west-1.