The ALL_JOBS view provides information about all jobs that reside in the database.

jobINTEGERThe identifier of the job (Job ID).
log_userTEXTName of the user that submitted the job.
priv_userTEXTSame as log_user. Included only for compatibility.
schema_userTEXTName of the schema used to parse the job.
last_dateTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONELast date that this job executed successfully.
last_secTEXTSame as last_date.
this_dateTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONEDate that the job began executing.
this_secTEXTSame as this_date.
next_dateTIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONENext date for this job to execute.
next_secTEXTSame as next_date.
total_timeINTERVALExecution time of this job, in seconds.
brokenTEXTIf Y, no attempt is be made to run this job. If N, this job attempts to run.
intervalTEXTDetermines how often the job repeats.
failuresBIGINTNumber of times that the job failed to complete since its last successful execution.
whatTEXTJob definition (PL/SQL code block) that runs when the job executes.
nls_envCHARACTER VARYING(4000)Always NULL. Provided only for compatibility.
misc_envBYTEAAlways NULL. Provided only for compatibility.
instanceNUMERICAlways 0. Provided only for compatibility.