The DBA_USED_PRIVS view provides information about all the used privileges. The used privileges are populated by the DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE.GENERATE_RESULT procedure.

Superuser or the user with CAPTURE_ADMIN role can access this view.

policy_nameNAMEName of the privilege analysis policy.
run_nameNAMEName of the run for which privileges are analyzed.
object_classTEXTName of the database object like table, function, procedure, and so on.
object_nameTEXTName of the object for which used privilege are recorded.
column_nameTEXTName of the column for the used object privilege.
applicationTEXTName of the application through which queries are run. For eg: psql.
role_nameNAMEName of the role whose privilege usage is analyzed and recorded.
privilege_typeTEXTName of the used privilege recorded during analysis. Possible values are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, TRUNCATE, REFERENCES,...