The DBA_DEPENDENCIES view provides information about the dependencies between all objects in the database except for synonyms.

ownerCHARACTER VARYING(128)Owner of the dependent object.
schema_nameCHARACTER VARYING(128)Name of the schema in which the dependent object resides.
nameCHARACTER VARYING(128)Name of the dependent object.
typeCHARACTER VARYING(18)Type of the dependent object.
referenced_ownerCHARACTER VARYING(128)Owner of the referenced object.
referenced_schema_nameCHARACTER VARYING(128)Name of the schema in which the referenced object resides.
referenced_nameCHARACTER VARYING(128)Name of the referenced object.
referenced_typeCHARACTER VARYING(18)Type of the referenced object.
referenced_link_nameCHARACTER VARYING(128)Included only for compatibility. Always NULL.
dependency_typeCHARACTER VARYING(4)Included only for compatibility. Always set to HARD.