The USER_USERS view provides information about the current user.

usernameTEXTUser name of the user.
user_idOIDID number of the user.
account_statusCHARACTER VARYING(32)The current status of the account. Possible values are: OPEN, EXPIRED, EXPIRED(GRACE), EXPIRED & LOCKED, EXPIRED & LOCKED(TIMED), EXPIRED(GRACE) & LOCKED, EXPIRED(GRACE) & LOCKED(TIMED), LOCKED, LOCKED(TIMED). Use the edb_get_role_status(role_id) function to get the current status of the account.
lock_dateTIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONEIf the account status is LOCKED, lock_date displays the date and time the account was locked.
expiry_dateTIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONEThe expiration date of the account.
default_tablespaceTEXTThe default tablespace associated with the account.
temporary_tablespaceCHARACTER VARYING(30)Included only for compatibility. The value is always '' (an empty string).
createdDATETimestamp for the creation of an object.
last_ddl_timeDATETimestamp for the last modification of an object resulting from a DDL statement including grants and revokes.
initial_rsrc_consumer_groupCHARACTER VARYING(30)Included only for compatibility. The value is always NULL.
external_nameCHARACTER VARYING(4000)Included only for compatibility. Always set to NULL.