The DBA_PRIVS_CAPTURE view provides information about all the used privileges. The used privileges are populated by the DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE.GENERATE_RESULT procedure.

Superuser or the user with CAPTURE_ADMIN role can access this view.

nameNAMEName of the capture policy for privilege analysis.
descriptionTEXTDescription of the capture policy for privilege analysis.
typeTEXTType of the privilege analysis policy. Possible values are G_DATABASE, G_ROLE, G_CONTEXT, G_ROLE_AND_CONTEXT.
enabledBOOLEANWhether or not the policy is enabled on the object. Possible values are YES or NO.
rolesREGROLE[]Name of the roles whose privileges are to be analyzed, if the type is G_ROLE or G_ROLE_AND_CONTEXT.
contextTEXTCondition if the privilege analysis type is G_CONTEXT or G_ROLE_AND_CONTEXT.
run_nameNAMEName of the run for which privileges are analyzed.