The DBA_TAB_PRIVS view provides a listing of the access privileges granted to database users and to PUBLIC.

granteeCHARACTER VARYING(128)Name of the user with the privilege.
ownerCHARACTER VARYING(128)Object owner.
schema_nameCHARACTER VARYING(128)Name of the schema in which the object resides.
table_nameCHARACTER VARYING(128)Object name.
grantorCHARACTER VARYING(128)Name of the user who granted the privilege.
privilegeCHARACTER VARYING(40)Privilege name.
grantableCHARACTER VARYING(3)Indicates whether the privilege was granted with the grant option YES or NO. YES indicates that the GRANTEE (recipient of the privilege) can grant the privilege to others. The value can be YES if the grantee has administrator privileges.
hierarchyCHARACTER VARYING(3)The value can be YES or NO. The value can be YES if the privilege is SELECT.
commonCHARACTER VARYING(3)Included only for compatibility. Always NO.
typeCHARACTER VARYING(24)Type of object.
inheritedCHARACTER VARYING(3)Included only for compatibility. Aalways NO.