The ALL_SEQUENCES view provides information about all user-defined sequences on which the user has SELECT or UPDATE privileges.

sequence_ownerTEXTUser name of the sequence owner.
schema_nameTEXTName of the schema in which the sequence resides.
sequence_nameTEXTName of the sequence.
min_valueNUMERICLowest value that the server assigns to the sequence.
max_valueNUMERICHighest value that the server assigns to the sequence.
increment_byNUMERICValue added to the current sequence number to create the next sequent number.
cycle_flagCHARACTER VARYINGSpecifies whether the sequence wraps when it reaches min_value or max_value.
order_flagCHARACTER VARYINGAlways returns Y.
cache_sizeNUMERICNumber of preallocated sequence numbers stored in memory.
last_numberNUMERICValue of the last sequence number saved to disk.