Comparing EDB Postgres and Oracle

Gary Carter November 16, 2016

One of the most frequent questions we get here at EnterpriseDB® (EDB) from database administrators (DBAs) and developers is, “How does EDB Postgres compare, side-by-side, to Oracle?” To provide answers, EDB has prepared a new eBook, “A Technical Comparison of EDB Postgres Enterprise and Oracle® Enterprise,” to provide DBAs important guidance.

Organizations deploy EDB Postgres to reduce database spend by as much as 80% so that budget can be reinvested in new web, mobile, cloud, Internet of Things, and other digital business initiatives that drive competitiveness. The potential to free up dollars from core IT is especially true for organizations using Oracle, as EDB Postgres is also compatible with Oracle.

EDB Postgres’ compatibility allows it:

  • To be used as a substitute for Oracle for new applications;
  • To migrate existing Oracle apps, thereby preserving investments in PL/SQL; and                              
  • To complement and coexist with existing Oracle infrastructure.

Ultimately, DBAs approaching EDB Postgres from an Oracle point of view need to evaluate EDB Postgres’ capabilities and identify the workloads and applications where EDB Postgres can be used in place of Oracle. The new eBook helps addresses these issues head on. 

To download the new eBook, “A Technical Comparison of EDB Postgres Enterprise and Oracle® Enterprise,” click here.

Gary Carter is Director, Field Marketing, at EnterpriseDB.

Gary Carter

A seasoned software engineering professional with experience developing robust software tools and applications, Gary has worked primarily on building complex client-server and n-tier web applications in both hands-on and management roles including: Requirements Specifications, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Business Analysis, Engineering, and Project Management.