EDB Experts to Speak Around the World

May 13, 2019

EDB experts will be speaking this month at industry events in the U.S., Poland, Austria, and Canada about how the popular open source Postgres database management system can be used by enterprises to manage their vital data most effectively and securely with predictable cost and no lock-in.

Open Source Day in Warsaw, Poland

At Open Source Day in Warsaw, Poland, Jan Karremans, director of sales engineering, will speak on May 14 in a session titled, “Riding the Second Wave: Open Source for Databases.” The presentation looks at the second wave of Open Source, where increasingly complex solutions are being replaced with OSS.

Austrian Oracle User Group (AOUG) in Vienna

At the Austrian Oracle User Group (AOUG) in Vienna, Jan will speak on May 16 at 4:45 pm in a session titled, “Comparing PostgreSQL to Oracle - The best kept secrets to success”. The presentation looks at the impact of trends, such as big data and cloud migration, that are creating opportunities for alternative approaches where open source PostgreSQL can be applied.

Percona Live Open Source Database conference in Austin, Texas

Ken Rugg, chief product and strategy officer, will share insights on the “Future of Postgres” at the Percona Live Open Source Database conference in Austin, Texas on May 30 at 4:10 pm discussing the roadmap for the next PostgreSQL 12 and beyond, along with new ways that Postgres is being used. In another session, “The Next Generation Storage Engine for Postgres,” on May 29 at 4:15 pm, he will talk about the new storage system for Postgres called zHeap that improves performance and scalability as database size increases over time.

PGCon in Ottawa, Canada

At PGCon, the PostgreSQL Conference for Users and Developers, in Ottawa, Canada, there are eight sessions by EnterpriseDB speakers.

"Postgres for All Your Data" by Bruce Momjian, senior database architect, on May 29 at 9 am is a full-day tutorial about Postgres’ capabilities to handle relational data, as well as many non-relational, NoSQL, federated, and data warehouse requirements.

"WAL for DBAs: Everything you want to know" by Devrim Gunduz, principal systems engineer, on May 29 at 1 pm will cover Write-Ahead Logs (WAL) and their use for data replication, backups and recovery.

"Challenges of Concurrent DDL" by Robert Haas, vice president and chief database architect, on May 30 at 10 am will provide an overview of the problems that make implementing concurrent DDL (Data Definition Language) correctly an exceptionally hard problem within the PostgreSQL infrastructure.

"Transaction Logging" by Thomas Munro, programmer, on May 30 at 11 am comparing the approach in PostgreSQL with other systems for use in write ahead logs, checkpointing and recovery.

"A journey from Postgres enthusiast to committer" by Amit Kapila, database architect, on May 30 at 1 pm will talk about his personal experience from Postgres novice to committer while offering insights into the software development process of contributions and reviews – how it works and how to get involved.

"Pluggable Storage in PostgreSQL" by Andres Freund, senior database architect, on May 30 at 3 pm covering the new application programming interface (API) coming in PostgreSQL 12 which will provide greater flexibility and allow table data to be stored in different forms.

"The Future of Postgres Sharding" by Bruce Momjian, senior database architect, on May 31 at 11 am will review the advantages of sharding (providing scalability by spreading database contents across multiple servers, with each server holding only part of the database) and discuss future Postgres sharding implementation requirements, including foreign data wrapper enhancements, parallelism, and global snapshot and transaction control.

"Tuple Locking redesigned" by Kuntal Ghosh, senior software engineer, on May 31 at 4 pm looking at the re-design and improvements in the tuple locking mechanism for maintaining consistency in the database.

The EDB team travels the world to share the story of Postgres Everywhere.



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