Integrate Two Open Source Solutions to Save Your Government Agency Time

June 05, 2019

Saddled with Legacy Applications and Databases

If you’re tasked with modernizing a tech stack, finding the correct solution can be daunting. Most agencies are still saddled with legacy applications and databases, which require a patchwork of tools. Choosing to upgrade an operating system or piece of software may seem like the right solution. But new versions could risk your system’s stability. How do you find a stable, reliable agency solution — without breaking the bank?

Meeting the Technology Needs of Large Government Agencies

Two words: open source. Built together by trusted communities for decades, open source software offers simple solutions to complex problems. Scalable at enterprise-level, open source software can handle the security and stability demands required by organizations like the Department of Defense. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and EDB Postgres are open source solutions built to meet the technology needs of large government agencies.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the secure, stable, enterprise-grade operating system trusted by more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 100 percent of airlines, commercial banks and U.S. Executive Departments. It offers great flexibility through Linux containers for lightweight application isolation, Windows interoperability and scalable file systems. It also provides stability and efficiency through profiles for optimal performance, streamlined installation and deployment, and system management — not to mention critical reliability and military-grade security. In the open source community, Red Hat is also the top corporate maintainer and the top third overall global contributor to the Linux kernel.

The EDB Postgres Platform has over 4,000 global customers across many different industries, including government. EDB Postgres solves some of the biggest challenges facing data centers, like the modernization of legacy apps and adding support for emerging digital business initiatives. When organizations want to migrate away from a traditional database, like Oracle, EDB can help move data into Postgres, as well as build new databases in NoSQL.

EnterpriseDB is also a major open source community leader for Postgres, contributing to versions 8.3 through 12. With EDB Postgres, organizations gain flexibility to deploy Postgres anywhere and take advantage of containers.

Combining Open Source Solutions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and EDB Postgres go hand in hand, combining an open source enterprise operating system and open source enterprise database to meet the three key technology needs of government agencies: security, stability and scalability. Both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and EDB Postgres have been awarded the FIPS 140-2 certification, meeting full U.S. government security compliance. Through Red Hat Enterprise Linux, agencies can meet the needs of the NSA and DoD through a platform built with the industry’s best security practices, like network-based disk encryption to secure machines and data centers remotely. EDB Postgres Advanced Server adds additional enterprise-level security like user account password management and virtual private databases.

Open source software like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and EDB also offer some of the industry’s best virtualization and containerization software. Compared with the competition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers great general compatibility on a mature platform and product. But the next big thing is the use of containers — an evolutionary move that builds lighter virtual machines with incredible security that can scale up workloads in seconds. Containerization enables agencies to move to modern, agile, DevOps-focused workloads; through OpenShift, EDB Postgres databases can enable organizations to do so using a seamless GUI experience. Containers are also highly portable, allowing applications, workloads and databases to easily move from self-hosting to the cloud, or from cloud to cloud.

Taking advantage of open source solutions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and EDB Postgres helps government agencies stay secure, remain streamlined and save money.

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