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Now Live: PG XDK for Postgres NoSQL App Development

Marc Linster10/14/2014

If you are a Postgres fan, and not living under a rock the past few months, then you have heard the buzz about JSONB coming to PostgreSQL 9.4.

You may have also seen code samples that show how easy it is to create a document database in Postgres using JSON/JSONB. And you might have read about performance benchmarks that show Postgres outperforms MongoDB, the most popular document database, on key workloads.

It’s time to take it out for a spin yourself. Postgres Extended Datatype Developer Kit (PG XDK) is now live on Amazon Web Services. PG XDK gives developers a free, ready-to-code development environment that has been optimized for using the NoSQL capabilities in PostgreSQL 9.4 to build Web 2.0 applications.

We’ve prepared a quick start guide to help new AWS users access the AMI on Amazon.

Hands On Postgres NoSQL

Built by EnterpriseDB, the development environment makes it easier for developers of any skill level to use Postgres for the kinds of applications that until recently required a specialized NoSQL-only solution.

The NoSQL-optimized environment comes with the core components that developers need to work with Postgres already pre-integrated and pre-configured. Plus, it features a sample Web 2.0 application with code examples to help developers get started.  PG XDK is available at no cost and has been designed to work with AWS’s free tier. This makes it very easy for developers to explore NoSQL on PostgreSQL in a Web 2.0 context.

Find more code samples for building applications using the NoSQL capabilities in Postgres here. To learn more about how these capabilities better support your enterprise objectives, please visit the NoSQL for the Enterprise section on our site.

Or, contact us directly.

Marc Linster is Senior Vice President, Products and Services, at EnterpriseDB.

Marc Linster, Ph.D., is EDB’s Chief Technology Officer. Marc is committed to EDB being an accelerator to providing architectural “know how” to help customers take advantage of Postgres without significant risk and cost. Marc believes that although new customer adoption of open source is easier than ...