Transforming the Way You Learn Postgres with Competence

May 03, 2016

Contributed by Matt Cicciari 

Noted psychologist Noel Burch developed a model called the “Four Stages for Learning Any New Skill” to better understand the often slow and uncomfortable process of learning something new. The model reveals that everyone encounters the same four learning stages whether learning to play an instrument, drive a car or play a new sport. The four stages are:

  1. Unconsciously Unskilled: This is the ‘I don’t know what I don’t know yet’ stage. You may be thinking, ‘I am proficient in database vendor XYZ and I want to use Postgres.’ The fact they are both databases doesn’t mean they both operate the exact same way and you could get lost, and frustrated, very quickly even if most users find Postgres easy to pick up -- with training.
  2. Consciously Unskilled: This is where some training comes in and you enter the ‘You know what you don’t know’ stage. You’ve decided to take some training and begin to realize the breadth and depth of new information to learn, and how powerful these new skills will be when you leverage them effectively. But you may make some mistakes along the way, meaning you had good intentions, but your execution isn’t yet accurate.
  3. Consciously Skilled: So you reach the stage where you are ‘trying the skill out, experimenting and practicing.’ You continue to get better and your confidence grows with each correct analysis and decision. You are becoming quite skilled and others are noticing. But you still have not mastered the domain – you will still rely on others for guidance, but now you can execute more confidently.
  4. Unconsciously Skilled: The final stage is ninja status, achieved ‘by practicing and applying the skills, they become easier and almost second nature.’ You spend more time on the big picture challenges and less on the details of how to make them happen.

Many may look back on a successful learning journey and recognize they couldn’t have accomplished it alone – they needed help and guidance. While some may have enjoyed doing research along the way -- digging into online documentation, reading blogs, and exploring communities and forums.  However, many cannot afford to take the time to do the latter.

At EDB, we realize that the 4 stages noted above can be applied when learning a new database.  With the value of time in mind, we have expanded our flexible education programs to help Postgres users on their learning journeys, while considering these 4 learning stages. For example, we have rolled out new training credit programs and subscription models, to help organizations plan for supporting new Postgres users. As such, EDB’s new education programs provide the guidance that only comes from seasoned “Stage 4” experts. These certified Postgres instructors provide classroom and live online sessions. We also have developed a catalog of on-demand training materials for convenient access at any time.

In addition, EDB now provides flexible options like value-priced training credit programs and annual training subscriptions that provides access to an entire library of on-demand courses available for reference again and again, ensuring new Postgres users can move through the four stages of learning as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Are you ready to transform the way you learn Postgres? Contact us today.

Matt Cicciari is Director of Product Marketing at EnterpriseDB.

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