EnterpriseDB Announces Availability of SQL/Protect, PL/Secure and xDB Replication Server for Community PostgreSQL Users

Date -2011-01-19

Brings Important Security and Data Integration Tools to PostgreSQL

 BEDFORD, Mass. – Jan. 19, 2011EnterpriseDB, the largest independent PostgreSQL open source database company, today announced the availability of three components, adding important security and replication technology for community PostgreSQL Server users - SQL/Protect, PL/Secure and xDB Replication Server. These add-on modules make PostgreSQL more secure and supply data integration capabilities between multiple PostgreSQL servers as well as between PostgreSQL and Oracle. Prior to today’s announcement, these three components were only made available to EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus customers.

"We’re committed to ensuring that PostgreSQL users are equipped to be successful using PostgreSQL in production environments," said Karen Tegan Padir, vice president of products and marketing at EnterpriseDB. "By offering unique security tools to PostgreSQL users, people can better defend against a range of security threats. With our replication technology, businesses can more easily weave the PostgreSQL database server into their Oracle environments saving tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in license fees."


These components enhance security and provide important data integration options: 

  • SQL/Protect – A DBA managed layer of security against multiple classes of SQL Injection attacks. SQL/Protect's fast installation, role-based assignments, and modes for learning, testing and active protection provide advanced security currently not widely available for PostgreSQL. 
  • PL/Secure – Protects database code Intellectual Property from piracy and unauthorized access. It safeguards code stored in databases from theft and unauthorized viewing and places no extra development burden on those writing database routines. 
  • xDB Replication Server – Provides a flexible technical solution with a robust graphical interface for integrating data from multiple PostgreSQL servers, as well as replicating data from Oracle to PostgreSQL. xDB Replication Server provides data centers with a lower cost tool to boost performance by offloading reporting tasks from your OLTP server, creating warm stand-by servers, or migrating data to a new system.

 For more information about SQL/Protect, PL/Secure and xDB Replication Server, visit http://www.enterprisedb.com/products-services-training/products-overview/postgres-plus-tools.


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