EnterpriseDB Targets India for Growth, Expands Footprint

Date -2013-07-03 Location - PUNE, India Providers of PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB Recognizes India as a Key Market, Expands Footprint, and Partners With NIC and TCS

/PRNewswire/ -- EnterpriseDB Corporation, the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class PostgreSQL products and Oracle database compatibility solutions, today announced that India has emerged as a key market for the company and has initiated investment plans to expand its footprint in the Indian market.

EnterpriseDB has recorded compounded annual growth of 84 percent in sales over the past two years with 100+ customers in Indian corporate and government sectors.

The company stated that its flagship product Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) is gaining momentum with the top systems integrators and corporations in the country as the preferred database due to its price-performance advantages and Oracle compatibility features which enable easy migrations to PPAS.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been working with EnterpriseDB to provide Postgres Plus Advanced Server to Indian corporate and government entities, effectively meeting the growing demand for a cost-effective alternative to proprietary databases.

"EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) has proven to deliver a superior performance in several of our engagements. We have successfully migrated several key applications to PPAS through its built-in compatibility features. This has enabled us to offer our customers an opportunity to significantly lower their IT costs without sacrificing anything in performance," said Tanmoy Chakrabarty, Vice President & Head of Global Government Industry Group at TCS.

The company also mentioned it is playing a significant role at National Informatics Centre (NIC), which is the driving force behind the use of open source technologies across various e-government initiatives.

"NIC has set up the Open Technology Centre to propagate the use of open source in the government to create both cost advantage and technology control. Several key projects including pan-India roll outs like RTO, CollabLand, e-Panchayat and e-Office run on the PostgreSQL database. We augment our in-house expertise on PostgreSQL with enterprise-class support from EnterpriseDB for mission critical deployments based on requirements," said Dr. P Balasubramanian, DDG and Head of Open Technology Centre at NIC.

According to the company, PostgreSQL has performance capabilities that can handle heavy workloads and its continued enhancements have made it a very attractive alternative to high cost proprietary databases.

"Successful adoption of open source is enabled through investments in support, services and the use of open source based products that enhance performance while keeping the cost low. With the emergence of the ecosystem around PostgreSQL more and more entities are questioning the need for using high cost proprietary databases when a viable alternative is available," said Radhika Samant, Global CFO and Country Executive for India at EnterpriseDB.

The company has always maintained a strong presence in India with its support and engineering teams located at Pune. The plan is to continue to grow in all areas with an emphasis on sales and marketing to meet the growing customer needs.

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