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How to find your authentication credentials from an Ansible Tower Template Job integrated with edb-ansible Scripts

Doug Ortiz7/14/2021
High availability

In our series about integrating EDB “edb-ansible” scripts with Ansible Tower, we learned how to deploy a Postgres Cluster by integrating edb-ansible scripts with Ansible Tower. In this tutorial, we look at finding the credentials required to authenticate into our recently deployed Postgres Cluster from the Ansible Tower Template Job.

Locating your credentials from the job logs of an executed Ansible Tower Template

Once an Ansible Tower Template has been executed as a job, the output of that job is displayed in an output window with all of the related details of the playbook run. While there are search capabilities within the Ansible Tower User Interface, it is much easier to export the output as a text file and search within the exported text file. 
The deployment creates multiple account credentials, since our purpose is to manage the cluster we only need to focus on two credentials:

  • enterprisedb
  • pemadmin

Steps to export the output of an Ansible Job Template:

  1. Within Ansible Tower
  2. Under Dashboard on the left hand navigation
  3. Click Jobs Link on the left hand side of the browser
  4. Locate the job you seek to find the credentials
  5. Click the <ID> - JOB NAME
  6. Click the Download Output icon  next to the Expand Output Icon, the location is under the Job Template Name and above the yellow line 
  7. Save the file to the desired download location

With the file exported we are ready to search for the two administration credentials we are looking for.

Steps to search for the credentials in the exported file

  1. Open the exported File
  2. Search for ‘enterprisedb’, ‘pass’ and copy the entire line into a text file of your choice
  3. Search for ‘pemadmin’, ‘pass’ and copy the entire line into a text file of your choice
  4. Utilize the recently found credentials to authenticate into your newly deployed Postgres Cluster


In this post, we have explored the steps for finding the credentials of a recently deployed Postgres Cluster with Ansible Tower integrated with edb-ansible Scripts. 

To learn more, you can watch my Postgres Vision 2021 session, Accelerate PostgreSQL deployments with Ansible Tower and edb-anible collections, on-demand here



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