PostgreSQL Admin tools and Resources for DBA's

The PostgreSQL database administration covers some of the essential server administration activities that a DBA, Architect, and IT professional who are responsible for administration and maintenance of PostgreSQL in their organization. This archive consists of information about, PostgreSQL GUI tools for MAC, Windows, and Linux such as pgAdmin, tutorials and training material for PostgreSQL database administration and management, and PostgreSQL backups, configuration, restore, roles management, securing the database, system architecture processes, setting environment variables, and routine maintenance of PostgreSQL.

Patching Minor Version in Postgres High Availability (HA) Database Cluster: Plans & Strategies for DBAs

Vibhor Kumar · May 5, 2020

This blog is part of a series that will discuss best practices for High Availability (HA) for Postgres databases. In a prior blog, I explained what...

Top Tools to Manage Postgres in an Enterprise: Administration, Performance, High Availability, and Migration

Marc Linster · April 8, 2020

This blog post lists tools for managing Postgres in the enterprise for administration, performance tuning, recovery, oracle to Postgres migration and high availability. While this is a big topic, there are common denominators that we have seen in many Postgres projects.

Technical PostgreSQL Support and DBA Services for AWS RDS and Azure

Bhavani Rao · April 2, 2020

There is no question that PostgreSQL adoption is increasing exponentially. Organizations of all sizes are deploying PostgreSQL for a variety of...

pgAdmin, a comparable tool to PL/SQL Developer for PostgreSQL

Shivam Dhapatkar · February 19, 2020

This article explains how to get started using pgAdmin 4 as a management tool for PostgreSQL.

How to create a PostgreSQL database and users using psql and pgAdmin

Amit Sharma · December 5, 2019

While working with PostgreSQL the two basic requirements is to create a database and set up a few users. This will help us in eliminating the need for reinstallation, if we mess up the default set of databases or users that already exist, while trying to learn and build our understanding.

Connecting PostgreSQL using psql and pgAdmin

Amit Sharma · November 15, 2019

This is a two-part article for beginners who have installed the most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL, and are now looking to connect to it. Since terminal/command line and pgAdmin are the most favored ways for connecting to PostgreSQL, I explain the basics of using both methodologies.

Reverse Proxying to pgAdmin

Dave Page · November 6, 2019

Reverse proxying requests to a pgAdmin server is becoming more and more popular if posts to the mailing lists are to be taken as an indicative measure; more often than not when using pgAdmin in a container (of which there have now been over 10 million pulls)!

Us and Them: The DBA – Developer Conflict

Jan Karremans · May 3, 2019

Us (us, us, us, us) and them (them, them, them, them) And after all we're only ordinary men - Wright/Waters Database Administrator vs Developer “Us...

How DBAs Can Survive and Thrive in a World of Agile Development

Ken Rugg · May 1, 2019

DBAs: Become a Data Performance Pro In the days of cloud computing and agile development, it might seem that being a DBA is somewhat less appealing as...

Why hot_standby_feedback Can Be Misleading

Richard Yen · March 19, 2019

Introduction When I first got involved in managing a Postgres database, I was quickly introduced to the need for replication. My first project was to...

How to Configure pgBouncer to use Postgres Enterprise Manager(PEM) Agent

Vishal Sawale · February 22, 2019

This video provides detailed information about using pgBouncer as a connection pooler for limiting the number of connections from the PEM Agent towards the Postgres Enterprise Manager™ (PEM) server on non-Windows machine. The video is comprised of three configuration steps

Build the Essential Skills to Be a Successful PostgreSQL DBA

Philip Hankinson · November 5, 2018

Open source databases are becoming an increasingly preferred option for organizations seeking high performance, lower cost alternatives to legacy...

The Changing Role of the Database Administrator

Ken Rugg · August 16, 2018

Not that long ago, the role of the DBA was comprised of a lot of mechanical tasks, including upgrades, basic system maintenance, backups and recovery...

GDPR Will Turn DBAs Into Superheroes

Marc Linster · May 18, 2018

The world is awash with statistics about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and depending on who you believe, companies are either...

Do You Have the Essential Skills to Be a Successful PostgreSQL DBA?


Open source databases are becoming an increasingly preferred option for organizations seeking high performance, lower cost alternatives to legacy...

4 Tips for Postgres Administration

Bruce Momjian · December 5, 2017

Postgres Alerts It is cool to be able to stare at colorful graphs to see what Postgres is doing, but sometimes you just want to setup something, walk...

Some numbers, oh, and pgAdmin 4 v1.6 was released.

Dave Page · July 25, 2017

For those that aren't aware, pgAdmin 4 is the fourth complete rewrite of pgAdmin since the first code was written way back in 1998(!). One of the major aims of the technology change we made for the new version was to help attract new developers as we always found them extremely hard to find when we used C++ (we now use Python and Javascript).

Monitoring Amazon PostgreSQL RDS with PEM version 6.0

Vibhor Kumar · February 10, 2017

The EDB Postgres™ Enterprise Manager is an enterprise management tool designed to tune, manage, and monitor a large number of Postgres deployments on...

EDB Ark: DBaaS for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Pierre Fricke · December 22, 2016

The accelerated pace of application development means most enterprises can no longer wait for traditional IT to lead those initiatives. Traditional IT...

PgAdmin Tests New QA Testing Framework

Kanchan Mohitey · November 16, 2016

An established-yet-still-growing trend in software development is the use of a testing framework that allows the automated execution of unit tests to...

pgAdmin 4 - The Elephant Nears the Finish Line

Dave Page · April 26, 2016

As you may know, many of us from the pgAdmin team have been hard at work on pgAdmin 4 for some time now. pgAdmin 4 is a complete rewrite of pgAdmin...

EDB Failover Manager 2.0 Improves Productivity of DBAs and the Availability of their Data Infrastructure

Pierre Fricke · June 17, 2015

Database Administrators wrestle with a range of issues to keep the enterprise’s critical data infrastructure running well with virtually no downtime...

The Real World DBA – More Data, More Databases

Gary Carter · June 8, 2015

Plenty of pixels have spotlighted the database solutions that have emerged to meet the demands of new and bigger data loads. But how this is affecting...

The story of pgAdmin

Dave Page · December 7, 2014

I’m often asked how I first became involved in PostgreSQL, and how the pgAdmin project got started. Much as I’m happy to tell the story over beer, it becomes tedious to do so over email after the first half-dozen or so times. So in a vain attempt to save my fingers from future carpal tunnel syndrome, here’s the tale...

Serenity Now! Remote DBA Brings Peace of Mind

Debra Brucato · September 23, 2014

Data environments have become larger and more complex, while many IT departments face continued pressure to do more with less and deploy technologies...

Will the Cloud obsolete the DBA?

EDB Team · November 12, 2010

I've had the privilege of being a database administrator for a long time, and have gotten the opportunity to work with many different databases on...

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