How to Simplify Development with Cloud Databases using APIs

APIs are essential for building modern software solutions. Especially useful for implementing cloud-native and microservice applications, APIs simplify development, increase flexibility, and provide a way for application components, including databases, to communicate with each other without needing to know exactly how specific components are implemented.

EDB’s fully managed PostgreSQL database, BigAnimal, and its APIs are designed to let you concentrate on building what’s important for your business, versus getting bogged down in maintenance, updates, and routine implementation minutiae.

Join Doug Ortiz to learn all about APIs, why they are useful for communicating with databases, and what you can accomplish with them. Some topics we will discuss in this session are:

  • What are APIs and why are they useful when building and connecting cloud components
  • How to implement APIs using different development languages, including Bash, Python, Go, and Ansible
  • How to use APIs to communicate with the BigAnimal database

Speaker: Doug Ortiz, Postgres DevOps Engineer, EDB

Webinar recording:


Webinar slides: