Top 4 Considerations for Adopting Cloud Database Services

In our fast-paced, competitive world, many enterprise organizations are struggling to keep up with changes in the market. While other components of the technology stack move to the cloud, one major component, the database, commonly lags behind. This is especially true for workloads seen as critical to the business where moving to the cloud may be seen as a high risk proposition.

If you are developing a strategy for when and how to move data workloads to the cloud, it may feel like a daunting task.

Join Christina Wong, Senior Director of Cloud Marketing and Vinnie Grack, Senior Cloud Architect as we share top considerations when adopting cloud databases, including:

  • What factors may motivate you to adopt cloud databases?
  • What can you gain from cloud databases?
  • What might you be giving up by deploying databases in the cloud versus on-premises?
  • What are popular use cases for cloud databases?

Speakers: Christina Wong, Senior Director of Cloud Marketing, EDB and Vinnie Grack, Senior Cloud Architect

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