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By Devrim Gündüz
Thought it would be good to make everyone aware that PGDay is coming to Amsterdam for the first time on July 12th and I’m delighted to say I will be there helping to host the day, as well as presenting on Write-Ahead Log (WAL). If you want to find out more you can go to this link. The event will be at the Tobacco Theatre in Amsterdam, which also...
By Jeevan Ladhe
PostgreSQL 10 introduced declarative partitioning, which included list and range partitioning. But, it had always been an open question as to what happens if we get rows which do not qualify to be placed in any of the given list/range partitions. That's when PostgreSQL 11 introduces a solution to this by adding a DEFAULT partition. What is...
By Eric McCormack
EnterpriseDB supports a wide array of connectors to integrate your application with EDB Postgres, and our Connectors team has been hard at work, just releasing our Connectors 10.0.2 update. This release made a host of enhancements to all four supported connectors. In this post, I’ll bring you up to speed on our supported connectors, their Oracle...
By Daniel Westermann
In this post we’ll look at how we can deploy EnterpriseDB containers in MiniShift. When you need to setup MiniShift have a look here. In this post we’ll do the setup with the MiniShift console, in a next post we’ll do the same by using the command line tools.   As a few containers will be running at the end MiniShift got more resources when it was...
By Amit Kapila
Parallel Index Scans
There is a lot to say about parallelism in PostgreSQL. We have come a long way since I wrote my first post on this topic (Parallel Sequential Scans). Each of the past three releases (including PG-11, which is in its beta) have a parallel query as a major feature which in itself says how useful this feature is and the amount of work being done on...
By Ken Rugg
Postgres Vision 2018
That’s a wrap! Another Postgres Vision is now in the books and it was a resounding success. The EDB team took to Cambridge to host our 3rd annual enterprise Postgres event at the Royal Sonesta hotel. If you missed it, you missed a lot! Check out our day one recap, and read on for a summary of day two. The second day of Postgres Vision 2018 was...
By Marc Linster
Data Maturity Curve
Yesterday, we kicked off Postgres Vision 2018, the enterprise Postgres event, in Cambridge, MA. This 3rd annual event is at the Royal Sonesta hotel and brings together the Postgres business, technical, and open source community.  In the opening keynote delivered by Ed Boyajian of EnterpriseDB, he discussed the opportunity of running Postgres...
By Ken Rugg
A few short years ago, I recall attending a conference where the goal was to title your presentation with the word “Docker” in as many times as possible. This was a guaranteed way to generate buzz, because containers were a hype machine. And, although everyone was very hyped about containers at the time, few knew what they actually were. Yet, for...
By ahsan hadi
Apple Crop
We encounter some confusion around which versions of EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) are supported with which version of our database server, EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS). This calls for publishing a BART support matrix to describe the BART/Database server version support as well as the support period for every release. BART 1...
By Robert Haas
Built-in sharding is something that many people have wanted to see in PostgreSQL for a long time. It would be a gross exaggeration to say that PostgreSQL 11 (due to be released this fall) is capable of real sharding, but it seems pretty clear that the momentum is building. The capabilities already added are independently useful, but I believe that...