Collaboration Makes Postgres Better for Everyone

November 16, 2016

Contributed by Sandra Wiecki

I recently went to PGConf.EU, the European PostgreSQL conference that was held in Tallinn, Estonia on November 1-4. This annual event for Postgres developers and users is a great opportunity to learn what everyone has been and will be working on. It always amazes me how this open source community collaborates to deliver the world's most advanced open source database.

For example, my colleagues Devrim Gündüz, Bruce Momjian, and Khushboo Vashi were among the speakers. They shared their knowledge about how to upgrade Postgres; how to use the new pgAdmin 4; and how to make Postgres central in the data center to support users as a powerful data aggregator. I also should note that my colleague Dave Page was part of the event organizing committee. Their efforts helped to make this year’s conference the best and largest thus far.

The Postgres community also chose to launch a new community-driven magazine at PGConf.EU entitled The Paper Elephant. In its first edition, The Paper Elephant published an article about six major improvements in the newly released Postgres 9.6. As the article states, they may change the way you will use Postgres.

I am proud to say that each feature was driven by, or contributed to, colleagues at EnterpriseDB, driving the advancement of Postgres.

The following is the list of improvements that was published in The Paper Elephant. I added their contributors from the Postgres release notes and highlighted my colleagues at EnterpriseDB:

  1. Parallelism: Robert Haas, Amit Kapila, David Rowley, many others
  2. Better Lock Monitoring: Amit Kapila, Ildus Kurbangaliev
  3. Multiple Synced Standbys: Masahiko Sawada, Beena Emerson, Michael Paquier, Fujii Masao, Kyotaro Horiguchi
  4. Preventing Bloat: Kevin Grittner
  5. PostgreSQL FDW Improvements: Paul Ramsey, Ashutosh Bapat, Shigeru Hanada, Etsuro Fujita, Corey Huinker, Michael Paquier
  6. Remote Apply: Thomas Munro

I am happy to work with such great minds and would like to say: Thank you Ashutosh Bapat, Beena Emerson, Kevin Grittner, Robert Haas, Amit Kapila, and Thomas Munro for your work on Postgres.

Their contribution and the contribution of so many others at EnterpriseDB and across the open source community is a great example of open source collaboration at work. Postgres 9.6 proves once more that we all contribute to a fantastic open source project – making Postgres better for everyone.

Sandra Wiecki is Director of Product Marketing at EnterpriseDB

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