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EnterpriseDB Announces Beta Migration Portal, Product Updates to Run Postgres Everywhere

Marc Linster8/8/2018

Click to view a demo of the migration portalTaking our experiences over the past 10 years migrating hundreds of Oracle databases, we’ve introduced the beta version of our EDB Postgres Migration Portal – the first web-based tool for moving Oracle database schemas to the EDB Postgres Platform.

The Migration Portal rapidly assesses an existing database for compatibility with EDB Postgres Advanced Server and streamlines remediation steps necessary to achieve a successful conversion. It analyzes and converts types, tables, sequences, constraints, triggers, views, stored procedures, packages, and indexes – a really big step forward that makes the migration process easier than ever before.

You can have a look at our 8-minute video demo and go here to learn more about the beta program.

The Migration Portal is the centerpiece of product updates that make it easier for users to run EDB Postgres everywhere – whether an on-premises data center, private or public cloud computing platform. In addition, we announced new features in EDB Postgres Ark and EDB Postgres Containers that facilitate both on-premises and cloud deployments. The combination of multiple deployment models along with portability to move workloads enables EDB customers to have the same Postgres experience no matter what platform they choose.

For more about our product updates, have a look at our news release.

Marc Linster, Ph.D., is EDB’s Chief Technology Officer. Marc is committed to EDB being an accelerator to providing architectural “know how” to help customers take advantage of Postgres without significant risk and cost. Marc believes that although new customer adoption of open source is easier than ...