EDB Coming Soon to IBM Cloud Databases

June 22, 2020

Many organizations are sold on the benefits of running databases in the cloud, such as reduced costs and scalability. But it’s not always perfect. In fact, it can be downright frustrating due to things like disjointed billing and support and isolated services that complicate management. 

At EDB, we’re passionate about PostgreSQL and helping our customers get the most of it in whatever environment they choose, including the cloud. We also want to be sure that their entire cloud experience is of the highest quality. That’s why we’re excited to work with IBM to deliver EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) as a fully managed, highly available database-as-a-service on IBM Cloud.


Seamless Integration Between EDB and IBM Cloud

EDB began its partnership with IBM last year when we announced that IBM, as well as its affiliates and resellers, could begin offering EDB as a part of the IBM Data Management Platform. A logical extension of the partnership, IBM and EDB are again joining forces, this time to ensure that EDB is well integrated with and works seamlessly with IBM Cloud. 

This latest offering combines EDB’s PostgreSQL knowledge, security capabilities, and Oracle compatibility with IBM’s expertise at operationalizing databases in the cloud. The combination enables PostgreSQL users to leverage the single ecosystem of IBM public cloud services. Clients get the best engineering and support from EDB, while also getting the best from IBM on security, compliance, and SLA as a first-party cloud offering. 

“EDB is a Postgres leader with the expertise and technology to help clients accelerate innovation and get more from Postgres,” said Phil Buckellew, General Manager, IBM Cloud Platform. “As we expand our partnership with EDB, IBM looks to enhance our delivery of enterprise-grade PostgreSQL for IBM Cloud customers.”

EDB will offer automatic backups, logging, auditing, monitoring, high availability, read replicas, and server-less scaling. Customers are also supported by IBM Cloud engineers and get unified billing and consumption with all other IBM Cloud services. Users pay based on consumption using either a pay-as-you-go or subscription model, and all services run in accordance with IBM security and data protection policies. The result is the ability to build applications on Postgres within a cloud native, streamlined experience on IBM Cloud.  


Enterprise Grade Cloud Platform

IBM Cloud is built for the enterprise, with stability, security, and scalability that are critical for running enterprise applications. Supporting features of IBM Cloud include:

  • Agility for every workload 
  • Security across a complex, hybrid environment
  • Industry Expertise via IBM Services

According to John Murphy, EDB Senior VP of Products: “Offering EDB as a service on IBM Cloud is a great opportunity to extend the IBM ecosystem to current Postgres users. We’re looking forward to expanding our collaboration so more teams can feel the benefits of a fully integrated cloud experience.”


Availability and Resources

EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) is now generally available on IBM Cloud as a database-as-a-service. You can learn more about IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL on the IBM website. 

Also, be sure to register for Postgres Vision 2020 to hear Joshua Mintz, Lead Product Manager for IBM Cloud Databases, talk in detail about EDB on IBM Cloud

Registration for Postgres Vision 2020 is free. 

To learn more about EDB Postgres Advanced Server, check out the details here.

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