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August 28, 2018

Load BalancerEDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM) supports multiple ways to connect applications with the new master database after a failover or promotion. In many cases, a virtual IP address (VIP) can be used, and Failover Manager will move the VIP as needed. On cloud providers where the VIP is not an option, script hooks can be used to move a resource (e.g., an Elastic IP Address on AWS) to the new master node. With pgPool and other load balancers, additional script hooks can be used for updating the balancer configuration. However, not all failure cases could be handled by the existing options. Continue reading on PostgresRocks to learn more about two new hooks added to EFM v3.2 >>


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Bobby Bissett is the lead architect for EnterpriseDB Failover Manager. Bobby worked at Sun Microsystems on various technologies in Java, Enterprise Edition, almost since the inception of the platform. After being acquired by Oracle, Bobby joined EnterpriseDB to work on the Postgres Plus Cloud...