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Postgres Vision 2021 Session Spotlight: Building a Business that Never Sleeps

EDB Team7/23/2021

In case you missed it, we are sharing some of the top highlights from our recent virtual event, Postgres Vision 2021

In this post, we'll recap the on-demand session, Building a Business that Never Sleeps: The Always On, 24x7 Enterprise by EDB Postgres Fellow Simon Riggs. Simon is a member of EDB's executive management team, and a major developer of and committer to PostgreSQL for over 15 years. 

Watch the session on-demand

In today’s digital world, always on is a must. Customers assume an immediate and frictionless experience when dealing with your business and its services. Downtime can have a significant negative effect on the way people perceive your business and ultimately cost the business money.

Be prepared with a resilient database solution. Build a mission-critical data infrastructure that exceeds enterprise demands.

Watch the full session on-demand here to learn more!

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