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Can PgBouncer session survive everything we throw at it

Can PgBouncer session survive everything we throw at it?

Philip Hankinson February 6, 2020

This is part four of my technical response to a series of questions about the use of PgBouncer and what you need to look out for. To read the other...

Superior Database Management

EnterpriseDB integrates Backup and Recovery tools with Postgres Enterprise Manager for superior database management

Vishal Sawale February 4, 2020

This post discusses the EDB Backup and Recovery Tool integration into EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager.

Where is EDB in February?

Postgres Event Roundup: Where is EDB in February?

Karin Lauria February 3, 2020

Where is EDB this month? A better question is ‘where isn’t EDB this month?’ with seven Postgres-related events taking place in Asia, Europe and North...

Migrating your Database from Oracle to Postgres

Solving Compatibility When Migrating your Database from Oracle to Postgres

EDB Team January 30, 2020

Back in November last year Gartner launched its State of the Open-Source DBMS Market 2019 report and declared 1: "By 2022, more than 70% of new in...

PostgreSQL vs EDB Postgres Advanced Server

PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server: Which is Right for You?

EDB Team January 29, 2020

If you’re an enterprise, additional tools and capabilities are needed to run your mission-critical applications at scale. EnterpriseDB is a long-time supporter of the PostgreSQL open source project, making major feature contributions every year since 2006. We draw from our in-depth understanding of the technology to add features, capabilities and support around the PostgreSQL database in order to support enterprise applications.

Collaborating with the Postgres community

Ed Boyajian on Collaborating with the Postgres Community

EDB Team January 28, 2020

Ed Boyajian was recently interviewed for the Open Source Underdogs podcast, which features leaders from companies that use open source as part of...

Business man on a rocket

EnterpriseDB to Sponsor IBM Cloud Fast Start 2020, Vienna

EDB Team January 23, 2020

Back in October, we announced a new multi-year deal with IBM. The deal allows IBM, along with its affiliates and resellers, to package and resell EDB...

Bruce Momjian at Boston Postgres Users Group

8 Ways RDBMS Postgres Handles Non-Relational Data

EDB Team January 22, 2020

Bruce Momjian, PostgreSQL core team member and VP - Postgres Evangelist at EnterpriseDB, recently spoke at the Boston Postgres User Group meeting with a fascinating presentation about eight ways Postgres provides flexibility to store non-relational data.

Data Security Lock

Enhanced security for EDB Postgres Advanced Server with Vormetric Data Security Platform

EDB Team January 21, 2020

EnterpriseDB provides a high level of database security, which includes in-database password policy management, enhanced auditing for compliance, data encryption, built-in SQL Injection Protection and so on. Along with Vormetric Data Security Platform, it provides encryption for data-at-rest, prevention of privilege user access, policy-driven encryption/decryption and much more at the operating system level. VTE ensures that it does not impact the mission-critical business applications, IT infrastructure and service level agreements.

Data security shield

Thales Vormetric Transparent Encryption with EDB Postgres

John Dalton January 16, 2020

Data privacy has senior management visibility as organizations are required to minimize the risk of sensitive data, such as customer payment...