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EnterpriseDB Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud Platform

Feb 22, 2016Bedford, Mass

“The addition of EDB Postgres Enterprise to Google Cloud Launcher expands the options available to cloud computing customers who want to use Postgres for their applications, but require enterprise-class features and capabilities,” said Lenley Hensarling, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Product



EnterpriseDB Announces Rise in Government Adoption of Postgres Across Global Markets

Feb 16, 2016Bedford, Mass.

“Government agencies need the freedom of choice and agility that open source technologies provide so they can shift cost savings to pursue mission-critical initiatives,” said Ed Boyajian, President and CEO of EDB. “EDB Postgres satisfies the cost and innovation challenges of policy initiatives. We



EnterpriseDB Announces Availability of EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 and EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0

Jan 26, 2016Bedford, Mass

It is no surprise that the DBMS market continues to shift towards Postgres open-source-based solutions. In fact, EDB works with approximately 20% of the Fortune 500, who consistently emphasize the need for advanced features and functionality. Analysts confirm, as global business leaders continue to



IT Industry Veteran Frank Fanzilli Joins EnterpriseDB’s Board of Directors

Jan 19, 2016Bedford, Mass

“The addition of Frank to our Board is another step toward EDB’s strategy of transforming the market for Postgres and open source database management systems into the de facto standard for enterprise databases,” said Ed Boyajian, President and CEO of EDB. “We just finished our 24th consecutive



EnterpriseDB kündigt mit neu veröffentlichtem PostgreSQL 9.5 verbesserte Datenbank-Integration, Skalierbarkeit und Produktivität bei Datenanalytik an

Jan 8, 2016Munich, Germany

"EDBs contributions to Postgres community during the development cycle have a strong focus on performance and scalability. PostgreSQL 9.5 provides significant improvements in scalability, which will benefit our large corporate and government customers, as they pass through high-core-count servers



EnterpriseDB Announces Improved Database Integration, Scalability and Data Analytics Productivity with Newly Released PostgreSQL 9.5

Jan 7, 2016Bedford, Mass

TWEET: #PostgreSQL new v9.5, world’s most adv #opensource #DB for #enterprise, boosts perf, productivity, integration #analytics “EDB’s contributions to the Postgres Community during this development cycle have focused heavily on performance and scalability. PostgreSQL 9.5



EnterpriseDB bietet neues Programm für Oracle-Kunden nach der SE2 Lizenzänderung

Dec 1, 2015München

Oracle hat seine beliebte SE Datenbank-Lizenzoption abgeschafft und durch eine neue Lizenz namens Oracle SE2 ersetzt. Als Folge davon sind viele bisherige SE Nutzer gezwungen, neue Hardware anzuschaffen, Applikationen neu zu konfigurieren und sich gegebenenfalls auch mit Beeinträchtigungen bei der



EnterpriseDB Offers New Program to Oracle® Customers Affected by SE2 Licensing Change

Dec 1, 2015Bedford, Mass

Oracle has eliminated its popular SE database license option and replacing it with a new license called Oracle SE2, which may require many current SE users to buy new hardware, reconfigure applications and potentially suffer performance degradation. EDB’s new program offers Oracle SE customers an



EnterpriseDB erweitert weltweite Partnerschaft mit Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Nov 18, 2015München

Die erweiterte Partnerschaft baut die langjährige strategische Zusammenarbeit zwischen EDB und HPE, die sich bereits bei mehreren großen Installationen bewährt hat, stark aus. Erst kürzlich erhielt EnterpriseDB die Auszeichnung „HP AllianceOne Partner of the Year Award for Mission Critical Computing



EnterpriseDB Expands Global Partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Nov 18, 2015Bedford, Mass

The enhanced partnership significantly strengthens the longstanding strategic collaboration between EDB and HPE, which has already led to major installations. EnterpriseDB was recently recognized with the HP AllianceOne Partner of the Year Award for Mission Critical Computing for its work with the



EnterpriseDB im zweiten Jahr nacheinander als Leader im 2015 „Gartner Magic Quadrant für Operational Database Management Systems“ eingestuft

Oct 22, 2015München

Im zweiten Jahr in Folge wird EDB von Gartner in seiner einflussreichen jährlichen Studie über Anbieter von operationalen Datenbankmanagementsystemen (DBMS) im Leaders Quadrant positioniert. Damit wird EDB als führender Anbieter von Postgres-Produkten und Diensten auf Open Source-Basis und als



EnterpriseDB Expands C-Suite with New Chief Financial Officer

Oct 20, 2015Bedford, Mass

Blondin sees a great opportunity at EDB as well. Just this month, Gartner named EDB Leader in its 2015 Gartner Operational DBMS Magic Quadrant. In fact, EDB is the only relational database vendor in the Leaders Quadrant that delivers both an open source and an enterprise-enhanced, open source based



EnterpriseDB is Recognized for Second Consecutive Year as a Leader in 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems

Oct 15, 2015Bedford, Mass

For the second year in a row, Gartner has positioned EDB in the Leaders Quadrant in its influential annual study of operational database management system vendors. EDB views this as recognition that as the leading provider of Open Source-based Postgres products and services, EDB has become a



EnterpriseDB wird Mitglied bei CEOSSG

Oct 1, 2015München

Die CEOSSG ist ein Non-Profit-Verband, der von den Unternehmen Red Hat und Carahsoft Technology Corp. gegründet wurde. Im Bereich Government Relations wird der Verband von Efrus Federal Advisors beraten. Der Organisation gehören führende Open Source-Anbieter und diesen angeschlossene Unternehmen an



EnterpriseDB Joins Coalition for Enterprise Open Source Software for Government

Sep 22, 2015Bedford, Mass

The CEOSSG is a non-profit member organization founded by Red Hat and Carahsoft Technology Corp., with government relations support provided by Efrus Federal Advisors. The organization is comprised of top-tier open source vendors and affiliated groups that advocate for government agencies to adopt



NoSQL Solution Users to Learn the Benefits of Postgres

Aug 18, 2015BEDFORD, Mass.

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the leading provider of enterprise-class Postgres products and database compatibility solutions, today announced the company will emphasize helping end users leverage the NoSQL capabilities of Postgres during technical sessions at NoSQL Now 2015. The annual event in San Jose