Beta Programs

Beta Programs

Thank you for beta testing and
providing feedback on our software!

By participating, you and your organization:

  • See the products, documentations & sample scenarios first
  • Get a direct line to Product Management and the Development team
  • Help influence the direction of EnterpriseDB's products and tools.

We request that you

  • Spend a minimum of 4-8 hours evaluating the products
  • Deliver feedback via online survey questions, 1:1 interviews, or group web casts
  • Provide some level of endorsement with the GA of the product


EDB*Plus 36.0.0 now available

EDB*Plus 36.0.0 adds support for Advanced Server V10.  It is now available on YUM with Bitrock Installers for Linux and Windows at:

Documentation is available at:

EDB Postgres Advanced Server V10.0 Beta - Now Available

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10.0 BETA is built on the open source PostgreSQL 10.0, which introduces an impressive number of improvements that enable databases to scale up and scale out in more efficient ways. PostgreSQL 10.0 introduces Native Partitioning, Logical Replication, SCRAM Authentication, additional Parallel Query capabilities as well as a host of other new features and capabilities.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10.0 BETA adds a number of new features that will delight developers and DBAs alike, including:

  • Enhanced Partitioning features such as Hash Partitioning, Partition Management and additional Partition Pruning for performance.
  • Customizable WAL Segment Size for performance optimization.
  • New EDB Audit features.
  • Additional Oracle compatibility.

The Release is currently available.


DOWNLOAD the Beta Documentation:

Built in Package Guide

Developer's Guide

Developer Reference Guide

Tools and Utilities Guide

Release Notes

ECPGPlus Guide

Advanced Server Guide

Installation Guide

Language Pack Guide

Kit Downloads:

Linux Beta:

Windows Beta: