Are You Confident You’re Handling Your Postgres Project the Right Way?

September 14, 2017

TrainingIT professionals have many new responsibilities around data management and strategy. The pace of change is very rapid in modern organizations. Database administrators and developers are joining forces. DevOps teams are now working together to rapidly develop new applications and replatform legacy applications. And, open source technology has never been hotter. This storm of factors is pushing many IT organizations to bolster their open source training efforts, and Postgres is no exception.

Lower Risk and Speed Time to Market With Structured Postgres Training

Many organizations find themselves dedicating time to the research of best practices only when they're scrambling to address an issue or a challenge. This approach is very reactive and ultimately lengthens and complicates project goals. However, small investments of time up front in Postgres training can benefit organizations in many ways, like increasing speed to market, boosting the quality of results and extending product serviceable life spans.

Need to launch a new application, or replatform a legacy app? Lower your risk by adopting best practices. Structured training increases confidence in success and reduces time spent hunting for information to solve problems. Plus, certified professionals with formal training are more desirable to hiring managers, providing greater distinction from the crowd, enabling better access to future job opportunities, and ultimately commanding higher salaries.


Train with EnterpriseDB, the Market Leader in Postgres Expertise

EnterpriseDB Postgres training programs are mature, and offer a mix of free and tuition-based options, plus a robust curriculum track for associate and professional level certifications in Postgres, EDB Postgres Advanced Server and the entire EDB Postgres Platform. We have a large staff of in-house Postgres experts, with hands-on, real world experience. They contribute to the ongoing development of our training programs to ensure they consistently align to the most up-to-date and in-demand topics.

Our foundational and advanced level training on Postgres and EDB Postgres Advance Server caters to DBAs and architects responsible for managing and designing Postgres databases, on-premises or in the cloud. We also offer two levels of developer training, which are increasingly popular with enterprises seeking to train entire teams of developers on Postgres, as well as data analysts who wish to ensure their queries are optimized.

Plus, EDB offers highly specialized training on hot topics like performance tuning, optimization, high availability and disaster recovery. These specialized tracks are very popular with DBAs, developers and analysts, but they are also attracting database architects as well. Database architects may not be directly responsible for day-to-day database management, but they really want to ensure they understand how Postgres environments should be designed to minimize problems and optimize performance. Our training provides database architects the tools to ensure their Postgres environments are aligned to best practices. 

Postgres Is In Demand. Time to Grow Your Skill Set.

Postgres is one of the most powerful, open source database systems in the world, ideally suited to the digital solutions of today. It is able to shoulder the demands of complex workloads and new applications, while offering enterprises confidence in their choice of a mature, stable technology. This combination of innovation and rock-solid reliability makes Postgres a just-right fit for any modern technology stack, pushing Postgres skills to be even more in-demand! If you have not yet considered formalized Postgres training and industry recognized Postgres certification, it is time to take a look.

For more information on how EDB can help you grow your Postgres skills and get you Postgres Certified, contact us at

Debra Brucato is Director of Services Product Management at EnterpriseDB.

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